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GLIDE Adjustable Half-Slip Collar

GLIDE Adjustable Half-Slip Collar

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Product details: Our GLIDE adjustable half-slip collar is made from Biothane®, which makes our collars waterproof, odor-proof, and mold-resistant. Connected with a metal brass tri-glide will allow you to adjust the neck size based on their hair shedding season or haircut length for fluffy dogs. 

  • It is designed to slip through your pet’s head at the widest part of the collar. It will stop tightening at the neck size (same concept as the martingale collar). 
  • The primary color will be the part attached to your leash. The secondary color will be the part that slides between the rivets. 
  • Each collar is custom-made, so please be aware of our current custom product processing time before placing your order. Because these collars are handmade and customized, we do not accept any exchange and (or) return for any reason unless we made a mistake.

Sizing guide:

  • Measure the widest part of your pet’s head with a soft measuring tape. 
  • If your pet is fluffy, don’t forget to consider it. We will customize the product based on the measurements you’ve provided. 
  • Recommend dogs under 12kg for a collar width of 19mm, 12kg-23kg for a width of 25mm, and over 23kg for a width of 38mm. 

Care instruction:

  • The waterproof material will prevent bacterial growth. Hand-wash with soap and water regularly. Dry with a clean towel.
  • Solid brass can be cleaned with brass cleaner or a homemade DIY solution to make it shiny again.

Product Disclaimer: Although our products are made to last, they are not chew-or-cut resistant. The brass hardware can oxidize and darken as a result because of its natural characteristics. Do not recommend it for dogs that pull and for extremely strong dogs.

Please email us if you have questions related to the product.

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