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SAMSØ Hands-Free Leash (19mm)

SAMSØ Hands-Free Leash (19mm)

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Product details:  Our SAMSØ hands-free leash is made from Biothane®, which makes our leashes waterproof, odor-proof, and mold resistant. Connected with 2 metal brass carabiners and Chicago rivets that made it safer to use. You can convert it in multiple ways with the 3-point connectors. It's the perfect leash for daily walks, running, hiking, or coffee breaks. 

  • 360 degrees rotatable carabiner on both ends.
  • Brass plated screw hardware consists of two parts.
  • The total length of the leash is 1.8-meter, 2.3-meter or 2.8-meter and a width of 19mm. 
  • A customized MØN traffic handle add-on is available.

    Care instruction: 

    • The waterproof material will prevent bacterial growth. Hand-wash with soap and water regularly. Dry with a clean towel.
    • Solid brass can be cleaned with brass cleaner or a homemade DIY solution to make it shiny again.

    Product Disclaimer: Although our products are made to last, they are not chew-or-cut resistant. The brass hardware can oxidize and darken as a result because of its natural characteristic. Do not recommend it for dogs that pull and for extremely strong dogs. 

    Please email us if you have questions related to the product.

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